The following is a more detailed description of a few of the services I offer:

Earth/Fall by M. Harris


Past Life Regression: Take a Soul Journey together as we navigate through past lives that directly influence your life's path today, Uncover the sources of relationships and experiences that have a powerful and reoccuring theme in your life. Is there a Soul Contract that was made long ago and is now time to complete? Perhaps you will uncover deeper meanings behind your mysterious attraction to other cultures or lifestyles. During each Soul Journey you are safely guided in a process that you control and in a state of consciousness in which you are fully aware.


Distance Reiki: During this session I work remotely offereing the deepest levels of Reiki with loving support. Compassion and love andare channelled to you in a process many claim is as powerful as any work we may do in person.


Intuitive Readings: After taking a moment to connect my archangels and guides with your angels and guides, we enter into a state of communication where we invite our Higher Selves to offer and explore meaning behind current life's events or guidance and direction for specific problems and experiences. I use the Osho Zen Tarot deck, along with other oracle decks during these readings to give focus and clarity.


Cord Cutting and Chakra Clearing: Each of us develops etherical cords with those we interact with on a regular basis. If we are not careful to clear these cords with regularity, we can become overwhelmed with thoughts that keep us tied to the past and make it difficult to forgive and let go. As I clear these attachments, many people remark how much lighter they feel and better able to view the relationship and person mmore objectively and with compassion. Just one step in the process of "detaching with Love". A check on the balance of your chakras is also performed at this time.

 30 minutes: $45.00 ~ 60 minutes: $80.00

(850) 543-5307


Comments from people who have worked with Melody:

“I just love this lady. Melody is remarkable in her clarity and accuracy of detail. Her empathy and professionalism sets her apart. Her calm, wise soothing nature helped me realize that there are things over which I have no control, and that I just have to trust my higher power. Melody is highly spiritual and has the amazing ability to heal as she connects with me on the present level as well as in my past lives. I strongly suggest that you give this amazing lady a chance to help you through this oft confusing and challenging journey we call life.” J. A., Fort Walton Beach, Florida


“Thank you so much, dear one, for your loving and helpful reading. And, special thanks also for the cord cutting and aura cleansing. I appreciate it so very much.” -Neesa, Durham, NC

“I'm very grateful for … a reading that went way beyond any expectations that I might have had! –
P.B., Massachusetts

“ Melody had such a kind and gentle manner when guiding my Soul Journey experience. Her keen intuition also helped me achieve my desired positive result!” V. Coen, MSW, LICSW, Psychotherapist, Feng Shui Consultant & Energy Healer, Seattle, WA-


“Thank you very much for such an excellent and thorough reading - I enjoyed the information, and your talent truly shines through your readings!” – Mairin, Pennsylvania

“Melody's ability to connect quickly with my Spirit created a deep healing response. Her compassion & love assisted me to identify with issues inside myself that were ready to heal. Thank you, Melody for walking this journey with me!” - T. Houchins, Owner, Sacred Healing Hands Wellness Studio, Maryland