Services Available:

Estate Management:

Full service Estate Management landscaping services are available providing:

Weekly walk-through evaluations

Expert plant care

Seasonal color installation

Ordering and maintaining inventory of all necessary materials for landscape maintenance

Scheduling and supervising subcontractor services

Landscape  renovations and designs



Professional, hand drawn designs are created from a thorough on-site evaluation. Current plant materials, microclimates, home archetecture and the client's personal tastes are reflected in each design.

Complete care will be provided for your herbs,  annual and perennial beds. Plants will be deadheaded and pinched back as required, beds will be cultivated, watered and fertilized in order to maximize color and growth.
Plant stalks that have been left behind for winter interest are removed, beds are cultivated and fertilized in order to extend the life of your perennials and to maximize growth and color.

Seasonal Color Installations
Attractive spring annual flower displays will be installed in containers.
Summer annual flower displays suitable for warm weather will be selected.
Fall/Winter annual flower displays are selected for the most vibrant color.
Fall/Winter Container Maintenance

Landscape Installation and Renovations

Complete landscape installation, from new construction to revamping your existing landscape.